Making Taxes Easy

Each year I send out a red folder with a list of documents you should be saving to help me prepare your income tax returns. After all the documents arrive in the mail or you have everything you think I will need to complete your income tax returns, you put everything in the red folder and mail it to me. Make copies of the documents if you are concerned about losing the originals. I can not start filing your taxes until January 31 each year, so take your time.

I review what you send, and either email or telephone you with questions, or to inquire about missing information. I continue to keep in touch as I work up your return. When complete, I will send back your tax documents and your client copy of the return, which you must review. If you are satisfied with the return, sign the highlighted electronic filing permission forms, return them to me with payment, and the return will be submitted electronically. I will let you know when the return has been accepted by the tax authorities.

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